...they're our best friends, indeed!I mean dogs, cats, aso!!!

Did you know that just being in your pup's presence makes you healthier? Here's what the latest research suggests:

• Petting your pup boosts production of pleasure hormones in the brain, helping to keep your stress and blood pressure at healthy levels.
• Canine company aids the recovery of heart attack patients and has a calming effect on people with Alzheimer's.
• Regular walks with your dog lift your mood and improve your fitness.
• Kids who grow up with dogs seem to have stronger immune systems and may be less likely to develop asthma, eczema, and pet allergies later in life.

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PAH, nã sei! disse...

ó faze o fabor de colocar aí escrito em istranjeiro que os "felix catus" também dão um montão de orgulho e prazer cá a gentes!!!!!!

PAH, nã sei! disse...

assim sim!!!! :)

passearam no meu país...

Raríssimas...sabe o que é?

A minha "mais Kika"

A minha "mais Kika"

Dizer Não!!!


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